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Born in Athens, in 1935 He studied violin at the Conservatory of Athens and painting at School of Fine Arts (1956-1960, workshop of G. Moralis). He studied ancient Greek vase painting and Byzantine iconography. He attended courses in lithography at ?Ecole des beaux-arts? in Paris, with a French Government?s scholarship (1962-1964), close to Clairin and Dayez. In 1966 he moved to Paris and since 1974 he lives and works between Paris and Athens. Since 1959, the year of his first solo presentation in Athens, has made more than seventy solo exhibitions in Athens, Thessaloniki, Paris, Munich, Tokyo, Hamburg, Zurich, Milan, Beirut, Stockholm, London and others. He participated in several group exhibitions and renowned international competitions worldwide. Fasianos has also dealt with engraving, posters? design and stage design, working primarily with the National Theatre of Athens (USA of Kafka 1975, Helen of Euripides 1976, The Birds of Aristophanes 1978 etc.). He has also illustrated many books, in Greece and abroad, of famous poets and writers. For his work have been shot four films by the Greek and French TV, whereas have been published many monographs mentioned in his artistic production. The artist's personal style is shaped in the early 60s. Three main issues remained unchangeable during his course: man, nature, and environment. The study of Greek culture and his practice of graphic arts and engraving influenced his paintings. In his first compositions dominate the form of the officer, with inflatable, red cheeks, fancy braid on uniforms and evocative cartoon style. Gradually the forms move and get their own life. Become pairs which are filling the room, just when touches each other, but united in a mass.